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Best Home Gyms,Standard Gyms,Multi Gyms | HGS

When you’re looking to get in shape and ultimately get fit, the best place to start is with a home fitness gym. Whilst it’s true there are many gyms you can join and off course the social factor is a point but in reality for many people a gym at home is the ideal scene.

There are many types of home gyms on the market, the things to check for are durability, sturdiness and to purchase a known brand contra to a cheap and cheerful solution. In the UK there are many to choose from including market leaders like Macy and Yorke to other manufactures including Adidas but whatever type of gym you choose, cost can be a factor for sure, saying that, ultimately what price does one put on fitness?

Different Home Gym Setups:

We find in the UK there are 3 primary types of home gyms:

  1. Multi Gyms
  2. Home Gyms
  3. Machines

As we know there are many plus and minus points with each but a lot of the choice on which gym is best is really down to personal preference and cash flow as the price can vary wildly as we know.

About Multi Gyms

These tend to be a complete solution and usually area supplied in kit form. The main manufactures in this arena are Macy and York. The usual setup would cover all your fitness requirements including bench weights, pressups and workout for the Abs and so on.

The plus here is: All in one solution depending on your fitness needs.

Minus point: Cost can be a major factor here as the price can reach £3,000 + depending on the setup. Also they take a fair bit of space once erected.

As with any gym, its worth shopping around and comparing different brands but do take into consideration the space needed too.

About Standard Gyms

These are basically components you purchase and make into a gym like barbells, weights, arm machine and bench and its gives you the freedom to make a scenario that not only fits your finances but also a gym that suits your needs specifically.

Plus points: Less costly and you can add to it as finance permits. Space saving is a distinct advantage.

Minus Point: Can take some time before you arrive at the ideal layout and can cost more than a multi gym as your buying separate components contra to an all in one solution.

About Machines

Here we find a variety of solutions including Rowing Machines, Arm, Leg Machines in fact a solution for all occasions. This is, for many an ideal scene. The price can be variable, but routinely by shopping around there are many great deals to be had. There are many great deals available and this could be known as a mini gym if you will but nonetheless effective for the sake of fitness.


No matter what your budget is, there are many great deals to be had and these days in the UK many manufactures are slashing there prices so there has never been a better time to invest in your home gym. Do it today and make fitness a goal in your life.